“Top-Notch. Perfectionist - and believe me, you need that! Will work with you to get your vision realized, but he is no pushover. He digs, he asks, he contributes and makes you laugh. What else can you possibly want? I have absolute trust in him. I love Radio and only he gets the nuances I am looking for.
When you are in same wavelength, the end product rocks!”

- Conchita Funcia, VP, Associate Creative Director, The CementBloc

“Joe is the best there is. Not only does he have an amazing technical ability and keen ear but he is a great guy to work with in a business that can be quite stressful. You can always rely on Joe to come up with creative solutions to a problem you thought had none.
His experience makes him a true master in the studio, his attitude makes him a true pleasure to work with.”

- Roberto Pedroso, Senior Creative Director at Epsilon

“Joe is an amazing professional, he has one of the best "ears" in the entire industry; he's creative, very fast and finds solutions for each and every obstacle. He's also fun to work with and extremely reliable.
If you have an audio project he's the one!!!”

- Ruth Olegnowicz, VP Creative Director at Young & Rubicam Group

I've had the privilege of working with Joe on many occasions for radio production, sound design and audio mixing for various projects and can honestly say working with him was always a pleasure.
He's creative and resourceful, always ensuring the best outcome in a timely manner.”

- Nicky Lorenzo, Associate Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather

“There is no one in the business I'd rather collaborate with than Joe Casalino. Joe's got great ears, great imagination and creativity and has always been willing to do whatever it takes to get the perfect final product.
Joe's always made my work better than it would have been without him.”

- Jim Weiner, Managing Director at Boat Rocker Entertainment

“Joe has a mastery of sound recording, design and mixing that elevates any job he does to a whole new level. He’s so much more than a technical whiz, he’s solved audio problems for me that I never dreamed could be fixed.
Joe’s a proven pro at enhancing visuals by seducing an audience’s ears.”

- Linda Zaleskie, Producer at NBC News / Peacock Productions